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My name is Eliya, I live in Israel, I was born here on November 83.
If you get to know me you will see how typical I am for a Scorpion.

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 Section 1: The Inner You: Your Real Motivation
Quiet, deep, emotionally complex and intensely private, you are not a person who is easy to get to know and understand. You are extremely sensitive but disinclined to show it, and you allow only a special few into your inner world. Like a wary animal, you are cautious and mistrustful of those you do not know until you "sniff them out". You are very, very instinctive and intuitive. You usually have a strong, immediate gut reaction to people, even though you may be unable to clearly articulate why you feel as you do. Your feelings and perceptions go deeper than word.

 Section 2: Mental Interests and Abilities
You have good mental concentration and the ability to become completely immersed in your work. You seem to know things at an instinctive, nonverbal level and prefer learning through direct experience or apprenticeship rather than vicariously via books or lectures. You have mechanical ability and work well with your hands. You could become adept at sculpture, pottery, carpentry, stained glass, or anything that involves doing and making things manually. Biology (and related fields such as medicine) interests you as well. You also have an instinctive rapport with animals, and may feel you relate better to them than to people! You tend to become narrowly focused upon your own specialized interests and may not have much to say or communicate outside that field.


I live in a city called Kiryat Yam but was delivered in the Rambam hospital in Haifa.
I have one brother (25, married, actually met his wife online 2 years ago and he moved to her place) and one sister (24 has a boyfriend but still lives at home- sorta)  and I live with my parents and my grandparents from my father's side live with us as well.
I am anything but ordinary thats what they say.
I used to think I was pure and simple but people told me otherwise.
I am Jewish and Israeli, if you look at my parents background you will find Italy, Hungary, Transilvania and Iraq, I am not russian, Israel has alot if russians and because sometimes my name sounds like Iliya people thinks i'm russian but i'm not.
I am single and I doubt i'll ever meet the man of my dream and be with him because ive met him serveral of times but always disapointed me.
I don't use drugs (I DON'T LIKE PEOPLE WHO DO because they don't see what I see )smoke or drink alcohol but I still know how to party and have fun.
I like listening to HipHop hooray  music, also Rap, Rock, Punk Rock , Alternative , Israeli and oldies. I love listening to the radio specially to GALGALTZ.
I was handling ammunition of a fantom plane during my army servise in the Israeli Air Force for almost 2 years.
I joined the army on December 23 of 2001 and finished my servise on September 22, 2003. 
Besides handling ammunition I used to join Birthright to Israel trips.
You can read about it and view pictures from those trips on my website under TAGLIT- birthright section.
I like photography, I love eating all kinds of food, thats why I am also fat, because I am too lazy to work out and lose the pounds I gain  while eating like a pig. I love dancing and singing. I love posing to the camera, I am not inlove with myself I just like doing it with my webcam and pass time.
I am addicted to the internet, watching tv and talking over the phone.
I don't have too many friends but I have my best friend Eti who always helps me out and make life nicer, you can also read about her and view my pictures under ETI section.
I have family in Chicago, USA and I might go there soon, after a short visit there I wish to go to N.Y.C and try make a living out there.
I hope it will work out for me , I really want to start with my life and do something.
Another place i'm intrested in is Australia. Alywas been a dream to me.
I am very honest and I have to hear lies , I am a bit hyporcrat but I hate it when people are, I know its wrong beig something and hate when others do it but thats life.
I might go to a beauty contest for fat girls, who knows, I might win and become a plus size model!
thats all for now.....I hope you got everything you need to know about me. if not you can always contact me and ask questions.


Scorpio, a fixed water signis co-ruled by the planets Pluto and Mars. While Scorpio often gets more than its share of "bad press" - it is my hope that all members of the Zodiac circle will come and explore the paradoxical heights and depths of energy contained within the mysterious, dark sign named Scorpio. Yes... each and every Zodical energy has its own unique and honored place within the circle of experience and life.


(short excerpt taken from Rob Hand's Horoscope Symbols)

"Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac, and one of those with the worst reputation. While it does deal with serious issues, it does not deserve most of the negative things that have been said about it. In fact, it can be very positive.

As for polarity with the opposite sign, Scorpio seems to have little to do with Taurus. In a way, Scorpio is more a prefiguration of Pisces. Scorpio is the first encounter with ego death. It completes the process begun in Libra, where the individual entered into a dialogue with another person while both individuals remained separate entities. In Scorpio, the two individuals merge into "the one" on an emotional level, and this is the first kind of ego death. While the above places Scorpio into the scheme of the signs -- it is, however, not the essence of the sign.

The essence is transformation, and it is inherently mystical. This is not the mysticism of Christianity, which is primarily otherworldly, ascetic, and self-denying. It is a mysticism that sees the power of transformation at work in ordinary reality. Rather than deny the physical universe in order to transcend it, Scorpio will immerse itself in physicality and even drown in it in order to go beyond it.

Scorpio is the first sign to be aware of the heights and depths of the universe. Feeling the relative nature of all things, it will freely declare there is no difference between good and evil, and be misunderstood as a result. Scorpio sees living as a series of deaths and resurrections, and instead of trying to avoid these experiences it will plunge into them headlong in order to experience the revivification that results.

On an ordinary level, this manifests as Scorpio's fondness for living intensely. Nothing is to be done superficially. Obviously, Scorpio is a dramatic sign, one that loves emotion even while it appears pained by its own experiences. It is better for Scorpio to feel bad than to feel nothing.

Concomitantly, Scorpio loves mysteries. It enjoys digging into the depths of any issue or person to find out what is going on inside. As a consequence, Scorpio is associated with investigation, research, and psychotherapy - the last, for two reasons, the

  • probing of the psyche
  • and the opportunity to assist in an individual's self-transformation.
  • Whether in criticism or in envy, Scorpio is often called an extremely sexy sign. But if one is referring to the simple enjoyment of sex, Scorpio is not necessarily sexy. In fact, the sign is capable of denying itself sex altogether. Yet there is a relationship between Scorpio and sexuality. It is not the search for pleasure that brings a Scorpio to sex, it is the search for transcendence. The orgasm offers one of the few experiences of ego death and self-transcendence that is accessible to the ordinary human being. And it is characteristic of Scorpio that this is also one of the few experiences where ego death and supreme ego gratification are experienced at the same time. Scorpio does not feel the need to separate the two as much as other signs do. To a Scorpio, no matter how attractive and sexy the partner is in other respects, love that does not contain drama and emotional intensity will not endure.

    Although the above portrait is fundamentally true to the nature of the sign, it is not an especially accurate portrait of the typical Scorpio. The typical Scorpio often does not appear especially prepossessing or dramatic. More than most signs, Scorpios have a tendency to look ordinary, and they can be easily overlooked - that is until a confrontation. Then it is discovered that running close after Taurus, Scorpio is the second most fixed sign in the zodiac, and it is the only water sign that will fight. In fact, it will even enjoy fighting, for fighting is another way for the individual to enjoy a peak experience. War continues partly because it allows people to live at the height of their abilities. The Scorpio, especially, enjoys this. Like the other water signs, Scorpio is sensitive and easily hurt by others, but unlike Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio will fight, often fiercely, when hurt.

    Scorpio's outstanding difficulty with others is the height and depth of its understanding. Much of the emotion Scorpio feels is extremely primitive and does not lend itself to verbal communication and intellectual analysis. Also, much of its knowledge is not easily communicated because it is beyond most people's understanding.

    When Scorpios try to communicate what they see, understand, or feel, they are often badly misunderstood. They then tend to keep silent because the misunderstanding that results from silence is better than the misunderstanding that comes from failed communication. Less secure Scorpios may react to the misunderstanding by blaming themselves and concluding that they are rotten inside. Burdened by a sense of inward decay and corruption, they do not realized that the "evil" thoughts they harbor are quite often felt, if a bit less intensely, by others as well. From all this comes Scorpio's reputation for secrecy.

    All the above may result in Scorpio seeming self-involved and brooding. Because of the fixed nature of the sign, neither negative nor positive feelings die away rapidly. This is why many writers have described Scorpio as a sign that seeks revenge, one that will harbor long-term grudges. But Scorpio is also slow to anger. If others do not repeat hurts or add insult upon insult, Scorpio is no more vengeful or grudging than any other sign."



    "The Scorpio environment is extreme. It either possesses you entirely, trying to absorb the essence of your being, demanding everything you have to give and more, or it cuts you off, leaving you feeling abandoned, isolated and alone.

    Life is sprinkled with crisis, events that seem beyond your control. Your challenge is to face them straight on, using your knowledge and your experience as your resources, your vision of the future as your guide. The extreme environment hones your creative power and teaches you how to transcend the moment by being fully present in it.

    You have looked the illusionary demon in the eye and it has lost its power. Now, you know for sure that faith in yourself and a higher power is all that you need to be happy."


    Greetings, confusoid. You scored a...

    Is it a bird? A plane? Is it a boy? A girl? Is it love, or is it lust? Ah, you. You are that rare mix of sensitive and sensual, romantic and randy, pride and prejudice, etc. When you see your crush, you waffle like a Belgian, unsure of whether you'd rather paint their toes or suck on their toes. Poets have long been puzzled by your kind. You'll never fall for robots or nymphos, but you will suffer longs bouts of marriage.

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    people more loveable than you (85%)
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    people lazier than you (24%)
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    • 48% of the people who have union jobs take naps at work.
    • 74% of the people who have trust funds have nice breasts.
    • 16% of vegetarians gave blood after September 11th.
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