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By analyzing your answers to the Relationship Questionnaire we have created the following Personality Profile. Everyone has a set of subconscious wants and desires that drive their choices and attitudes. By asking you questions about a wide range of emotional issues, this report has established general patterns in your values.
Some of the following information may seem inaccurate or incomplete. Remember, that this profile is a snapshot of your personality at a specific moment. It is not intended as an in-depth analysis of your complete being, but as a tool to aid in self-discovery.

  • You may be restless and may display anxiety by failing to sit quietly through any situation in which you have no opportunity for involvement.

  • You show a high activity level in all that you do. The fast pace by which you accomplish tasks and the variety of interests you show measures your activity level.

  • You feel comfortable in a changing and variety-oriented social environment. You may believe that unless pressure or urgency exists little or nothing is accomplished. You usually react and change activities quickly.

  • A high sense of urgency characterizes the pace by which you get things done. You may seem somewhat restless and impatient to those who know you because of your high activity level.

  • Your high activity level, through which you interact, appears in your eager, mobile and quick manner by which you respond to ideas and influences. You are open to change and new ideas.

  • You make fast decisions and quickly respond to new ideas and activities. You may encourage others to participate as well.

  • Few dull moments prevail with you. Your response indicates that you may become so absorbed in your many activities that you occasionally lose sight of the balance required in one's life.

  • There will never be a dull moment if you can help it. The faster, bigger or louder the better. You like to be involved and have others involved as well.

Each person has a unique way of communicating. We use a combination of body language, facial expression, verbal tone and word choice to share ourselves with others. The following statements offer a look at the natural behavior you bring to an interpersonal relationship.

  • You may have tension or struggle with others who do not have the same sense of urgency that drives you, and you may question why others don't see things your way.

  • Your communication style is rapid (some people might say abrupt), because you like to maintain a high activity level with a variety of things going on simultaneously

any different factors determine the communication styles with which you are most comfortable. Some individuals thrive on the challenge of pointed criticism, while others are at their best in a nurturing environment where criticism is offered as a suggestion for improvement. Each of us has a unique set of requirements and preferences. Below is a list of communication styles that will mesh well with your own. Having a partner who understands and practices these traits is important to your long-term happiness.

  • Be ready at the exact time.

  • Prepare for demanding questions, and perhaps objections.

  • Provide options, rather than opinions.

  • Verify that the message is understood.

  • Be brief, clear and to the point.

  • Attempt to isolate from interruptions.

  • Provide questions and choices for making decisions.

  • Present ideas logically--be efficient.

  • Expect acceptance without many questions or objections.

  • Support results, not the person, if you agree.

  • Motivate and persuade by referring to objectives and RESULTS.

Following are some of the specific strengths and/or personal characteristics that you bring to a relationship. These may form the foundations of many of your friendships and dealings with other people. Some will seem obvious, but you may be surprised by others. Take a moment to reflect on each and consider what role it may have played in your past successes, and even failures.

  • You have a quick wit and a great sense of humor.

  • You like to analyze problems and discuss their possible solutions before taking action.

  • You generally don't like to back away from a challenge.

  • You have the ability to juggle lots of time demands simultaneously.

  • You tend to be very goal-oriented.

  • You place a high value on being direct and honest when expressing thoughts and feelings.

  • You tend to excite others into getting involved with your interests.

  • You like to take the initiative when something needs to be done.

  • You like to take action and see that things get done.

  • You like to initiate new activities.

Like games of competition and skill.




In general, human beings are defined by their needs and individuals by their wants. Your emotional wants are especially important when establishing with whom you are compatible. While answering the Relationship Questionnaire you established a pattern of basic, subconscious wants. This section of the report was produced by analyzing those patterns. Our wants change as we mature and obtain our life goals. You may find it valuable to revisit this section periodically to see how your wants have changed.
You may want:

  • To be measured by the results obtained, not by the manner in which those results were accomplished.

  • Freedom to act independently from time to time.

  • Exposure and recognition by those who really appreciate your results and achievements.

  • Rewards for your ideas, and results for your actions.

  • Freedom to do what you want to do.

  • To be seen as one with "authority."

  • Plenty of action.

  • An outlet to vent your emotions frequently.

  • New and innovative things to do.

  • Unusual, new or innovative activities.